Blocks for WordPress
Blocks is a theme builder design for full website creation and easyly use by final customer. Dump the classic WordPress theme system, blocks offers you a new way to create and sustain your websites. Over with all heavy themes and other tedious and slow admin ! Thanks to a system of updating libraries, this plugin will give you the opportunity to produce your own clean and efficient code for an up-to-date feed of your website. This system includes 3 patterns :


blocks are coding bits. They can be loaded anywhere on your website and enable you to insert buttons, images, slideshows, surveys or any other content anywhere you need it. A block importing and editing system will allow you to add, clone, modify or create news blocks instantly.


Templates are blocks put together to render a page. Build your templates from header to footer thanks to a visuals editor. Use it with blocks to fit the type of posts, pages, categories, archives... or customs, like online shopping pages - e.g. a woocommerce


You can select a template within the themes and apply them to your wesite. You can also set the rules to modify your templates according to categories, options, metas, users...
Once you have set your full theme, you can boost production mode and optimize the loading of your website. Blocks puts together and minifies styles and scripts of each blocks. And cache static blocks, but still keeps the dynamic ones.

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